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25 Tactics Twitter Experts Use To Drive Business Growth


Getting your message across in 280 characters is tough... But that shouldn't stop you from generating results using Twitter. With these tips, experts have managed to:


  • Untap a flow of traffic to their business using Twitterpaperbackstanding2_693x872
  • Generate leads using this tactic that takes less than a minute (Hint, it's tip #12)
  • Use these 3 easy Tweeting tactics (with examples) that generate retweets & likes
  • Share someone's content and grow their Twitter authority
  • Use this free tool to boost their engagement and relationship building opportunities

Wouldn't you want the same for yourself? 


About The Social Fusion Group  


The Social Fusion Group is a pioneer in the online marketing space having opened its doors in 2007, when Facebook and LinkedIn combined had less than 40 million users (vs over 2 billion today)!  It started with a simple focus; leverage the newly evolving online marketing world to provide effective solutions that help businesses drive sustainable online business growth.  More than 10 years later, the Social Fusion group has grown to be a leader in providing the insight that produces online revenue. 


Our team, with over 75 years of combined experience, focuses a significant amount of time understanding and converting relatively complex data into actionable, strategic insight. Clients choose the Social Fusion Group because they are frustrated with outdated marketing approaches and an inability to reach their online goals. They want a strong data-driven approach to help them rapidly move away from these inefficiencies and toward building a strong foundation for future online growth. Our client’s have said, “the insight the Social Fusion team provides is like turning a floodlight on inside a dark tunnel.”


Why Us

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Social Fusion brings 25+ years of experience to the digital marketing space. Our team stays on the cutting edge of the constantly changing digital marketing definition.